Membership Agreement


This contract is made between POST AJANS İLETİŞİM ÇÖZÜMLEMELERİ TANITIM HİZMETLERİ VE MATBAACILIK SAN.VE TİC.A.Ş. (hereinafter shall be referred as “Company”) and (hereinafter shall be referred as “Site”) all whose rights belong to the company. In the meantime the Site is the authority empowered by the company and made between the users who would receive service from the linked addresses (e.g. and regulates the services to be given and the terms and conditions of use.


Site: It is the authority providing service with the “Domain Provider” status through address rendering service within the framework of this contract under the scope of the Article 5 of 5651 law code which reads, “Regulation of the Publications made on Internet and Disputing the crimes committed via these publications” and empowered by the Company.

User: it describes all the natural and legal persons using the site either as a member or not being a member.

Member: it the natural and legal person who fills the online member info form and applying for either paid or free membership through the site accepting all the declarations and terms available in the membership agreement and a username and password is allocated to them by the site. The Site may demand from the candidate and/or unapproved members extra details and documents in original, digital or photocopy as per their categories, can alter and re arrange the membership terms. The member is personally liable to preserve the username and password he/she is allocated, and is obliged to inform the site immediately in case his/her username and password changes hand. Should the member cannot remember his/her password or loses, he/she must demand for a new one.

The member guarantees the authenticity of all the information he/she has given to the Site. The site may reject the membership application in case the given information is missing or false. In case the false and missing information is revealed after the approval of the membership, the membership may be suspended or terminated. The member cannot claim any right in this case.

Seller: It is the natural and legal person offering goods and service to the Site as a member.

Buyer:  It is the natural and legal person searching for the goods and services existing in the Site and/or demanding these goods and services.


1- The services which the Site offers to the sellers are described under two main categories ;

a)      The services which do not require membership,

b)      The services which are require membership.

The services which require additional membership are described under two subcategories;

b.1) Free of charge membership services

b.2) Paid membership services.

Services which do not require membership: It contains all the domains and services which can be accessible directly from the main page including flight and hotel reservations.

Free of charge membership services:

1-the possibility to access to company and product profiles of all Seller members.

2-formation of classified company profile, displaying product by restraining.

3-Seeing and answering the messages from the buyers within the quota given.  

4-Seeing the messages exceeding the quota, filtered as the company name and contact details.

5-Seeing the partnership and cooperation proposals as filtered.

6-Seeing the product demands put in the product demand pool filtered as company name and contact details.

7-The free of charge members are naturally benefit from all the services which do not require membership.

The services which the free of charge members can be changed at any time by the Site; the member hereby accepts and declares with this contract that the rights granted to him/her during the membership can be retracted partially or completely and will not object to the alterations by no means.

Paid Membership services:

1-Formation of company profile supported with Video/PowerPoint or pictures.

2-Formation of product profile with pictures,

3-Publishing the quality system certificates they own.

4-Seeing income message unlimitedly and file sharing.

5-Message sending.

6-Online communication.

6-Seeing the demands received by the product demanding pool unlimitedly and sending messages.

6-Accessing the partnership offers unlimitedly and sending messages.

7-Being able to send partnership demands.

8-Making hotel and flight reservations.

The free of charge members are naturally benefit from all the services which do not require membership.

The Site can update this present contract at any time, the updated and published contract becomes valid from the moment it is published.  

Member approval and Payment: The membership application is approved after a valid application is made and the amount demanded by the Site is paid and the Site is opened to the use of the member. The payment can be made through money order or credit card. The Site may change the payment terms.


The services offered to the Buyers:

The buyers are obliged to be a free of charge member for benefitting from the following services offered by the Site.

1-The buyers can see the company and product profiles of all the paid and free of charge sellers unlimitedly.  

2-They can send messages to the paid or free of charge sellers they wish unlimitedly.

3- They can communicate with the Gold member sellers online they wish.

3-They can send partnership demands.

4-They can send demands to the demand pool of the Site.

5-They can make hotel and flight reservations through Site and purchase tickets.

6-They can access to all the given links (if the technical terms of the given links are suitable).

5-The free of charge standard members can see the messages received from the buyers and reply the received messages within the given quota.

The buyers can benefit from all the services which are not written in here, not limited technically and  the site can offer unlimitedly.



1-The users directly or indirectly cannot be involved in any publication and activity which may harm/damage the fortune, honor and self-respect of the other users through the site; the behaviors that any of the users display in this aspect do not bind in any case, and do not encumber the site.

2-The users can use the site according to the related regulations, commercial practices and under the conditions stipulated in this present contract. The site cannot be blamed due to the users’ dispositions which are against the law and the terms of the present contract.

3-All the legal, commercial and social responsibilities of the company, product, production, communication and other details they would publish in the site belong to them.

4-No one can download, copy, distribute, sell the database of the site, the details existed in the site, essays and articles, pictures, video, clip, file and folders, etc. or include in an automatic searching system without prior written consent of the site. 

5-The users cannot use the site and/or the details existed in the site in the way to wherret the company or Site before the society and public institutions,  cause disrespecting or discrediting  .

6-In case it is found out that the contents existed in the site and entered by the users do not conform to the provisions of this present contract, the Site may delete these contents, may suspend the membership of the user when necessary, or may terminate his/her membership completely. The site never takes responsibility for such contents entered by the Site users.

7-The information entered to the site is the property of the Site and saved into the database; these information are under the possession of the site within the framework of laws and commercial practices and can treat and evaluate as they wish.

8-The site is a means initiating the relation between the buyer and seller by means of a “Domain Provider” status under the Article 5 of 5651 law code without taking any responsibilities. The users accept with this present contract that the site is of no responsibility with the disputes between the  buyer and seller.

9-The Site does not guarantee the authentication of the information existed in the contents unless it is specifically stated.

10-The site is of no responsibility related to the contents of the messages or files sent or shared through the site.

11-The site does not guarantee that the message and files sent or shared do not contain virus, dangerous files or software. It is under the responsibility of the user himself/herself to check whether the message and files received by the user contain any harmful software or not.

12-The site can use cookies so as to extract statistics concerning the users. Cookie is a data pack which is used by many of the internet sites. Their objective is to collect some statistical details such as the time when the user visits the site and the visit periods.

13-The Site does not guarantee that the service they provide would operate uninterrupted and faultless due to the nature of the services rendered through internet.

14-The user cannot hold the site responsible for any of the loss or damage which may incur due to the indirect or the direct use of site.

15-The Site undertakes to protect the personal, commercial secrets and details of the user. However, the user is aware that it is not possible to protect information on the internet absolutely.

16-The users are obliged to know their legal liabilities and the regulations concerning the internet use in their own countries and behave accordingly. The users shall personally be responsible for their behaviors which do not conform to the international agreements.

17-The site may deliver the information in their database to the related authorities upon the legal obligations or demand of the courts.

18-The users hereby accepts and declares not to use the brand or rights the company and site possess without permission.

19-The users cannot transfer and lease their rights and liabilities which arise from the present contract to other or let them use.

20-The e-mail address that the user has given during the membership or the mailing address written on the information form shall be deemed to be the legal correspondence address with the notifications to be made to the member by the company and site.

21-The courts of the Republic of Turkey is of the authority to settle any disputes which may arise.