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Developments in information technologies and the becoming main stream of the Internet on a global scale which deeply influenced our shopping-culture and put new methods of procurement and marketing into our life.

New communication opportunities posed by technological developments, changed channels of doing business, its share in total trade of e-business has increased day by day. Undoubtedly, this increase will continue in the future.

Under the light of these developments, a practical B2B E-Business Site designed in a professional approach which have the functionality to meet the expectations of the business world, that is the most common and most effective way to bring buyers and sellers together at the present time.

POST AJANS INC. being active for solutions in the field of Advertising and Communications, and performing a lot of major projects successfully at international-extent for many years, with an experience more than 15 years and “ TurkishBusinesPlatform.com “ arising under the light of above mentioned developments, aims to bring business opportunities to you presented in Turkey which is the shining star of the global economy, as a meeting point in the developing of international business relations.

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